Now What?!: Entry 2 Sleep? What's that?

Sleep is strange thing. I am of the generation that bragged about never sleeping. The less you slept, the more productively you were working. Sleep was an unnecessary vice that the unambitious were unable to shake. The musical genius kid in high school that everyone knew would “make it” bragged to me about sleeping only 3 hours a night and was trying to find a way to sleep even LESS. I felt bad for knowing I could never do that. “I guess I will never be a musical genius.” I thought. “But one day, I might actually be happy.” 

I always thought I regularly got 7 hours of sleep. My new Fitbit has informed me that I sleep 5 hours a night on the regular and I am shocked. My boyfriend is not. I go to bed later than him and I wake up much earlier than he does. 

“Why are you so angry?” is a question my boyfriend often asked me when we first started dating. “I don’t know. Nobody has ever asked me before.” Was always my answer. Living most of my adult life alone, no one had been around to notice and neither did I. I was in a practically constant state of irritation. 

I’ve made an effort to sleep more and it is definitely a process My body isn’t used to it and seems to say, “Are you SURE you want to sleep 8 hours? That’s a long time….Maybe you should work up to it. If you set a target that you can’t meet, you’ll only be more irritated…”

I’ve slept 7 hours two nights in a row now and I feel as though I’m recovering from Jet-lag. A little groggy and woozy. I am sure it is just my body adjusting. There fit no Oprah “Aha” moment. More of a “ Oh, ok. This could be good for me.”

They say now that sleep is when your brain organizes information it has taken in while you were awake. That makes a lot of sense. Two of my grandparents were good sleepers and olympic nappers. They napped on the bus, in church and at family functions like weddings they didn’t approve of. I am am sure it is why they lived into their 90’s and why my grandmother could tell you the price of shoes Kansas City  in 1930. She was a terrible storyteller, but gawd was she exact with the details. 

So I’ll keep giving this sleep thing a go. If anything, it is cheaper than therapy.