What Now?!: Entry 3 Air Ambulance Charity Gig

It’s nice to know what day of the week it is again.

I managed to start a few good habits during the Fringe that I hope I’ll continue. I was a lot more social than I usually am and I drank more. Quite an achievement for a former Southern Baptist. 

My alcohol tolerance isn’t all that high to begin with. I have a theory. You can either do a lot of alcohol or sugary snacks. In the same way Chris Farley was told, you can overdo drugs or food but you can’t overdo both. 

Sugar has always been my self-medicating drug of choice. Gluttony is the only permissible indulgence in Baptist Midwest but you’re not allowed to dance off the empty calories after which is why we are so round. 

After a day if admin and writing I meet up with my friend and new comedian Mark. He’s from Kentucky and dead funny. He informs me that everyone that works at Dollywood is  paid and treated very well. ( Take THAT Disney.) He is visiting there soon and promises to get me a shirt with rhinestones from there. I will hold him to that promise. 

Afterwards, we go to Whitechapel where I do a gig for an air ambulance fundraiser. Medical professionals are my favorite people to gig for probably since I’ve spent so much time with them and it is nice to make them listen to me for a change. There are not many people I can reminisce about the stank of ether with.  They also have the darkest sense of humor. They have to, otherwise how could they go to work everyday?  It is a rare gig when I don’t have to explain what cerebral palsy is and it was nice to tease them about how horrible emergency care professionals are to drink with because no matter how messed up you get, you could be in the gutter with a broken jaw and legs pointing the wrong way and they will still have “seen worse”. 

This daily blog is not checked for spelling or punctuation like Chortle.