Now What: Entry 4 Why women just don't want to have fun

I identify a lot with Peggy Olson from Mad Men.  She comes from a working-class family and a religious background where hard work was the religion.  In one episode, she goes on a blind date, gets super drunk and in the moment decides to fly to Paris in the morning with her date. When she can’t find her passport, she reluctantly postpones the trip, no pickles are tickled and her date goes home.

The next morning, Peggy is mortified at being so vulnerable, care-free and well, stupid. She regrets everything. Her straight guy friend at the office thinks otherwise. “Sounds like fun.” he says. “I don’t even know him that well. It was so embarrassing.” she counters. “Yeah, but you can get to know him!” he says confused by her shame. 

It’s not until the company is absorbed and her boss, Rodger Sterling, fun time extraordinaire and rich man,  reasons with her and gives her a painting of “an octopus pleasuring a lady”  that she finally allows herself to drunkenly roller skate around the empty Sterling Cooper Draper Price office as she waits for her new office at McCann Erickson to be ready. 

I am proud of myself for having more fun at the Fringe this year.  Stand ups by nature are loners and if they are not, they tend to drink or drug a lot. Women who are stand up comedians tend to be  even more Lone Ranger like. We like having complete and total control of what we say and do on stage. Talking to other women comedians at the Fringe, there was a lot of talk about flyerers, audience numbers and PR. We were busy trying to make the most out of the Fringe for our careers and when we weren’t doing that, we were asleep. 

At one industry bar, I saw a group of long-time Fringe male comics huddle and make noises football teems do just before a game. I wish we had more of that. I did go to a party once earlier this year with a lot of women comedians for a make up party.  People brought all their make up that they wanted to use or trade while we shot the shit, got drunk and fucked up our eyebrows together I just think events like that need to happen on the regular.

 Sure we are strong bitches that don’t need anybody but I think we could all do with a bit more fun. After all, if you are having fun, it’s easier to bring the fun to the gig. I guess I’ll have to do something about it which is perfect as it is more work for me to do. Now I know why this doesn’t happen more often.