Now What?: Entry 6 Dave Chappelle’s Transgender Jokes

I’ve spent a few days pondering why Dave Chappelle chose to punch down and make fun of transgender individuals. 

It certainly wasn’t brave. 

0.6 percent of the US population identify as transgender in the United States. So if you are going to pick on a minority to make fun of, number-wise, transgender is the way to go. More people in America were  offended by Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s award  speech than there are transgender people in the US to offend. Everyone else is just offended on behalf of the transgendered. I think Chappelle could have, If he wanted to, picked on an even smaller minority, those that cut off a limb or injure themselves because they identify as disabled. ( The transnsabled, yeah, it’s a thing) I’d like to see how he’d handle that but it’s just not as easy to make fun of as something so tangled in gender, is it? 

I say I’m interested in what he would have to say about it because I think he is the kind of comedian that never stops writing and is still at the top of his form. 

I think he is bored. I think he is so good at his art form that punching down is one of the last mountains he has left to scale.

It’s like a world-class chef with over 20 years of experience and all the Michelin stars and accolades a chef could get that is so bored cooking with food he decides, “That’s it. I’m only cooking people now!”

The dishes are expertly prepared and garnished. The connoisseurs rave about the dishes perfect texture and aroma but at the end of the day, you’re still eating people. 

People don’t get into comedy because they are healthy and Chapelle  has had his struggles over the years. 

I remember him being 

been burned and lied about in the press for doing the right thing in the past. And I think that has made him extremely distrustful in general. 

I also think he’ll come around eventually. I watched him get chewed out by Maya Angelou on television for using the n-word when she was still alive and I imagine Oprah will probably box his ears any day now. 

I’m still interested in what he has to say and he still makes me laugh out-loud.

He just isn’t the hero I wanted him to be.