"Spring Day is such a likable and friendly character with an incredibly infectious smile that draws the audience into her performance and wickedly delivered punch lines which have them falling over themselves with laughter, thinking ‘I can’t believe she just said that!’ They absolutely loved her and there is no doubt that you will too."
 ★★★★ Broadway Baby 16 Aug 2012

"The 30 minutes fly by, much to the audience’s dismay, as Day leaves them wanting more. A definite must-see, if only just to hear her say the word “clitoris” in Japanese."
- ★★★★ ThreeWeeks 20 Aug 2011

"Though her material is strong, the most notable thing about Spring's show is her delivery and stage presence. Spring's delivery is warm and natural, most of her set conversational and free flowing"
- Funny Women 2012

"One of the questions you immediately ask is: what kind of comedian is produced by the Japanese comedy scene? And the answer is: a very good one with some excellent observations and sharply-honed punchlines. Day's best material is when discussing her cerebal palsy. She's got just the right amount of irreverance and quite expertly makes the audience feel comfortable about laughing at it. The jokes about Japanese politeness cover familiar ground but Day puts a new spin on them with some hilarious true stories about her attempts to teach English over there."
- ★★★ The Skinny 5 Aug 2012

"Guest comedian Spring Day, an American based in Japan, did a short solo spot, and scored heavily on laughs, before she joined Ian for another round of the quiz. Sassy, smart and snappy, Spring is a funny lady and provided a good contrast to Ian’s more laid back delivery."
Gigglebeats Aug 25 2014

"Day covers cultural differences between the Western world that raised her, and Japan, where she now lives. These outsider observations of Eastern practices turns out very insightful, especially on the topics of healthcare, marriage, and why you shouldn't eat at high street sushi chain restaurants."
 ★★★ FringeGuru 23 Aug 2015

"She's fucking funny. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more delightful and life affirming than Spring Day. Oh and she's not drunk, that's her real walk." -Brendon Burns 2016

"She’d be funny even if she never spoke about her disability. Very entertaining, her material and delivery were spot on." - nottscomedyreview 12 Nov 2017