Worst Foot Forward

Episode 60 With Ben Vandervelde and Barry McStay

World’s Worst Family Traditions

We’ve a spring in our steps and a Spring in the studio this week as Brooklyn’s sharpest wit Spring Day is with us to talk about the World’s Worst Family Traditions. We mine the murky world of Reddit and our very own listeners for pranks and Stacks, we shove vicious insects into various items of clothing and we put so many babies in peril. So many babies…


Dumb White Guy with Brendon Burns

Ep 210 Festival Diaries with Colt Cabana and Spring Day

Brendon's back! After a bout of tonsillitis took him out of action during the Edinburgh festival for no less than 6 days (Something of a death sentence during comedy's most intense month of the year) BB is back with a newfound gratitude and attitude to just have a room with people in it up for a laugh. But producer Toby is also away on vacation so this audio sucks but at least there's lots of it. Spring Day joins BB in his car to tell tales of sleeping in a cupboard for the whole of the fringe. ...

BBC Ouch Radio

4 September 2015: Presenter Kate Monaghan speaks with three expats with cerebral palsy who have moved from America, Canada and the UK to make their lives in Japan. We hear about travel, stigma, work and mental illness as a disabled person in the country.
For a full run-down of the guests, click here. Download

The Brendon Burns Show

EP 182 Remembering Patrice Oneal and a chat with Spring Day

It's Xmas and Spring Day is spending the holidays with B and Bean. They try to get into recent gender politics but end up talking about Johnny Cash relapsing after his guts got torn open by an ostrich. Brendon also announces his upcoming appearance at the Patrice Oneal benefit in NYC, plus way more Mansplainin' dates. Warning! Good audio for once!


Sex With Strangers

Episode 1 - Sex in Tokyo

2014: Chris travels to Tokyo to explore Japanese sex culture. Topics discussed include host and hostess clubs, happening bars, Japanese rope bondage, love hotels, maid cafés, train groping, Western media attention, & much more. I feature throughout the episode sharing true stories.
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Assuming you a very Japanese Christmas

Spring and Jawn discuss Christmas in Japan and Boxing. Not Boxing Day, boxing the sport. Download

Theme Parks and the Correct Way to Scream

Tokyoites Jawn and Spring swap theme park stories. Download

Zombies VS Vampires

Jawn explains the difference between the two to Spring and silliness ensues.