CliffNotes For C*nts Episode One

Ep 1: A Handmaiden's Tail

21, October 2017:Welcome to the podcast where comedian and c*nt Spring Day reads smart books that make her feel stupid so you don't have to. 
Episode one is her take on a book about boring church-sanctioned threesomes. 


Dumb White Guy with Brendon Burns

Ep 154 Live in London w Debra Jane Appleby, Spring Day and Tim Renkow

6 May 2017: GREAT EPISODE! Live in London! Brendon, Debra, Tim and Spring shift the topic from transgender issues to what Debra describes as "the hierarchy of need". 
WARNING! Contains an uncomfortable impressions!

BBC Ouch Radio

4 September 2015: Presenter Kate Monaghan speaks with three expats with cerebral palsy who have moved from America, Canada and the UK to make their lives in Japan. We hear about travel, stigma, work and mental illness as a disabled person in the country.
For a full run-down of the guests, click here. Download

The Brendon Burns Show

Ep 58 Evan Desmarais, Ari Shaffir And Spring Day "Who let's coke off the hook?"

20 August 2015: A round table of comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe. | SoundCloud | Download


Sex With Strangers

Episode 1 - Sex in Tokyo

2014: Chris travels to Tokyo to explore Japanese sex culture. Topics discussed include host and hostess clubs, happening bars, Japanese rope bondage, love hotels, maid cafés, train groping, Western media attention, & much more. I feature throughout the episode sharing true stories. | iTunes | Download

Assuming you a very Japanese Christmas

Spring and Jawn discuss Christmas in Japan and Boxing. Not Boxing Day, boxing the sport. Download

Theme Parks and the Correct Way to Scream

Tokyoites Jawn and Spring swap theme park stories. Download

Zombies VS Vampires

Jawn explains the difference between the two to Spring and silliness ensues.