I’m doing the Edinburgh Fringe this year and I’ve already fucked it up 2019: Entry 12, I’m a Yenta

Didn’t get enough sleep last night but  adrenaline is still pumping. I have lost so much weight over the past week, I am now the weight I tell myself I am the rest of the year. 

I had grand plans to post some of the hundred posters I bought to put up all around town but I am too tired and all I want is frozen yogurt. 

After a spot at Funny Cluckers in the afternoon, I make my way to Friskys on Forrest road and from a distance see it has been turned into something else, something healthy, yuck. I want comfort food so I go and eat a pork ramen bowl. It doesn’t compare to the real Japanese ramen but real Japanese ramen would make me want to take a nap. 

I go to a tea shop and get a slice of cake that makes me want to sleep instead. I go through my set for the night and realize every night there are about 3 jokes I forget to put in. They are never the same three jokes but there are always three jokes I forget to mention. I think it is partly because I am somewhere between a one-liner and storyteller comic. There is a lot to remember.

I try to take my first nap at the fringe and I can’t really sleep. My mind is racing through events of the day like a bitch having too much fun doing an obstacle course at a dog show. I try to sleep anyway and it seems to have been a good investment. I get a second wind. 

I prep my hiking towels and the buckets of ice and discover the show next door has cancelled for the night and offered it to me to do my show in and it has an air-conditioner in it as well. Yes!

We have a lovely audience of about 20 and have a grand old time. Aaron Twitchen, who is also doing a show at the Fringe ( click here for more info https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/aaron-twitchen-can-t-stop-a-rainbow

and is an ideal audience member. 

Everyone is lovely and even though people are spread out all over the room, it still feels cohesive although I should have forced people to sit closer together. Dark comedy always works best when people don’t feel they can be singled out and can’t see other people’s faces. 

I have a lovely chat with some of the audience and one person described me as “Sunshine on speed” I like it. Another audience member tells me he has a lot of health issues and has got to go to the hospital tomorrow and the show has made him laugh a lot. You never know what an audience member could be going through. I hope his load was lightened for a while. 

Afterwards, I am ready for a drink and make my way to the industry bars. August is the most social I am all year and it is the easiest time to be social among comedians because all you have to do is remember nobody cares about you or your show. Just listen to other people talk about their show and give a shit. That’s all you have to do really. 

I run into the lovely guys from the Chesham Comedy Club that are doing a radio show called “Anything But Coldplay” and I promise to go to their taping at 100:00 am the next morning. Let’s see if I make it. 

I run into the very funny Danny Posthill and two lovely guys doing a show at the Newsroom. 

I run into two girlfriends of mine looking for guys and I introduce the nice guys to the nice girls like a proper Yenta and make my way home.  I realize later I have no idea whether or not these guys are spoken for or not but I’m sure they will figure it out. 

This daily blog will not be checked for punctuation or spelling, just like Chortle.

Click here for more info about my Fringe 2019 show.